NIA Region 9 Empowers NIA Employees with Prime-HRM Basic Knowledge Training Program

Regional Manager June Nathaniel S. Plaza spearheads the conduct of Prime-HRM Basic Knowledge Training program held on January 12, 2024, at NIA Training Center, Balintawak, Pagadian City.

NIA Region 9 aims to continuously enhance its human resource practices and contribute to the overall success of the agency. By equipping its employees with prime HRM knowledge, the Agency ensures they possess the necessary tools and insights to excel in their roles. It emphasizes understanding employee needs and motivations, ultimately leading to improved HR practices and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Present during the training are the officials and Admin personnel of the region to include Division Managers Antonio B. Gujeling of Engineering & Operations (EOD) and Joel R. Soriano of Admin & Finance along with field offices managers and their respective admin staff.

NIA Participates in Mindanao Cluster Meeting for Rice Industry Development

Zamboanga City, January 11, 2024 - NIA Managers from the Mindanao Regions gathered at the LM Hotel to attend the Mindanao Cluster Meeting for Rice Industry Development, hosted by the Department of Agriculture (DA).

The primary objectives of the meeting were to discuss planned initiatives to address the impacts of El Niño, enhance production efficiency for the upcoming Dry Season of 2023-2024, and utilize integrated maps to identify suitable areas for rice cultivation. Additionally, the meeting aimed to explore the deployment of interventions such as the provision of seeds, fertilizer discount vouchers, and soil ameliorants and bio-control agents to improve the outcomes of the 2023-2024 Dry Season.

NIA-9 Management Takes Lead in first Toolbox Meeting of the year

Earlier today, January 10, 2024, NIA Region 9 Manager June Nathaniel Plaza led a productive and informative conference at the NIA Training Center in Balintawak, Pagadian City. This event marked the first Toolbox Meeting of the year, bringing together managers and key personnel from the four (4) NIA-9 Field Offices.

The primary objective of the meeting was to address significant matters concerning the ongoing projects in the region. RM Plaza comprehensively shared his directions and offered guidance to ensure the speedy completion of all remaining works, aligning with President Bongbong Marcos' goal to finish all projects by April 2024.

NIA and DA Region 9 Begin New Year with Successful Convergence Meeting

On January 8, 2024, the NIA Zamboanga Peninsula and Department of Agriculture ZAMPEN started the year with a productive Convergence Meeting held at the NIA-9 Training Center in Balintawak, Pagadian City.

The primary objective of the meeting is to strengthen collaboration between the two agencies in terms of providing interventions and services to the local farmers. This includes members of the Irrigators Associations (IAs) under NIA and Farmers Associations (FAs) under DA. The meeting aimed to address the common challenges faced by farmers and maximize the distribution of interventions offered by the various programs of the Department of Agriculture. Additionally, discussions centered around the mitigating measures taken by the agencies to prepare areas vulnerable to El Niño.

NIA Region 9 Gears Up and Welcomes 2024 with a Renewed Sense of Unity

NIA Region IX participated in the national Bayanihan 2024 #NIAGearUp Ushering Ceremony, joining all NIA offices in welcoming in the new year with a renewed sense of unity. The ceremony took place on January 8, 2024 at the NIA-9 Covered Court, Balintawak, Pagadian City.

This year, NIA aims to embark on a new chapter and bring new opportunities to the next level with the theme "NIA Gear-up". The NIA Gear-up Wall serves as a visual representation of the collective community, utilizing new research and technologies to enhance the quality of irrigation services provided to its beneficiaries. The different sizes of gears on the NIA Gear-up Wall symbolize the interconnectedness of the Top Management, Heads of Offices and Sections, and Rank-and-File employees in achieving the set goals for 2024.

During the ceremony, Regional Manager June Nathaniel S. Plaza emphasized the importance of unity among all employees, highlighting their roles as integral parts of a functioning gear. The passion, dedication, and commitment of each employee serve as the driving force that ensures the smooth operation, uniting them all under One Agency, One NIA.


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