On-going Upgrade of Mahayag Dam

The Mahayag Dam of Salug River Irrigation System (SARIS) located in Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur is currently undergoing major repairs for its Modernization and Automation.

The modernization and automation project of the Mahayag Dam has a total allocation of 114million. The major repairs include Retrofitting of existing sluiceway piers and towers; Construction of four (4) sets additional sluiceways; Construction of river protection; Modernization of sluice and intake gates through fabrication and installation of 4 sets of new sluicegates and 10 sets of new intake gates; and Installation of Dam Automation System.

The construction of additional sluiceways will ensure a more efficient silt removal and flood mitigation, while the new gates will ensure efficient dam operation against climate change. The Automation System of the Mahayag Dam is one of NIA's modernization strategies on its irrigation systems to mitigate the rapid detrimental effects of climate change.